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Surf Maroc

 shaka-sign-3  Imsouane 

Surf one of the longuest longboard waves.
Several kind of accommodations and surf lessons. From 490 euros

surf camp Maroc imsouane

   shaka-sign-3 Taghazout - Morocco

Top of the range Surf House with spa and private surf school.
The place is splendid. From 580 euros

surf house haut de game maroc

   shaka-sign-3 Taghazout

High quality Surf Resort, for the whole family. A lot of options in addition to the surf lessons.

surf maroc

   shaka-sign-3 Taghazout

Very nice offer Surf & Yoga, quality accommodation and team at your disposal.
An all inclusive offer tested and validated.

surf Maroc

   shaka-sign-3 Agadir - Aourir

The Morrocan surf camp par excellence, warm welcome,
incredible atmosphere, and unforgettable surf sessions. From 455 euros

surf maroc

TipsOur review

To organize your surf trip in Morocco, please find hereafter some useful tips, to know where and when to go. Our surf camps in Morocco have been tested, confirmed and certified by our ambassadors who built the surf trip to Morroco.



Moroccan beaches enjoy a nice and temperate weather, winter is clement and mild whereas summer is sunny and warm. The waves are not lacking during winter.



A valid passport for at least 3 months (6 months for Belgian citizens) from the entry date to Morocco.



The majory of Moroccan people speak and understand French and English.



Morocco uses Greenwich Time. When it is midday in France, it is 10.00am in Morocco and 11.00am during winter.



Avoid all non manufactured drinks, ice, milk and derived non manufactured drinks, shellfish.

Spring water must be uncaped in front of you. All the country is supplied in 220V with European standard plugs.



Moroccan currency is the dirham (Dh). 1€ is approximately 11Dh, this currency rate is stable for years. This currency is not convertible, you are supposed to leave Morocco without any dirham in your pocket (you could change them in the airport if you have kept the receipt from the cash broker).

Be careful, on the souk, sometimes small amounts are given in riels (1 dirham = 20 riels ;1 riel = 5 Moroccan cents.



No vaccination needed by authorities for European travellers.


First meant for explorer free surfers, Morocco opened its borders thanks to low costs flights and to the surfschool increase.

Surf in Morocco is reachable, cheap and awesome!

The surf trip to Morocco has to be done at least once, this stay coombines travel, change of scene and surf, 2h30 from Paris only!

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