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  surfer You will love:

   shaka-sign-3   A different surf spot everyday

   shaka-sign-3   The boat trip atmosphere

   shaka-sign-3   Discover Indonesia far from the tourists

When to surf in Indonesia:

You can experience a boat trip in East Indonesia from April to November.


      Our review 360 Surf:

The ultimate surfing cruise with world class waves for surfing lovers !


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You will sail in a 14 meters boat amongst the 17 000 Indonesian islands, surrounded by Indian ocean, Pacific ocean or the Chinese sea.

With a maximum of 6 people onboard, it is not a charter cruise but a custom surfing cruise that you treat yourself.

You can surf around Bali, Lembogan, Sumba and Rote.

Full board is included, you will enjoy nice yummy meals, eat from your fishing and exotic fruits.

A choice of Surf circuits:


  • South Coast Lombok - Sumbawa  :
    Belongas Bay, Are Guling, Mawi, Ekas waves and if conditions allow the famous Desert Point.
    Nusa Lembongan (Shipwrecks, Razors, Lacerations and Playgrounds and if the swell is small Ceningan) before going back to Benoa Harbor/Bali.


  • Sumba - Mengkudu - Sumba
    You will start your cruise in East Sumba. Then the first stop in Kallala then the Mengkudu islands where there is a long left.
    Then you will surf Miller’s Right a showy right when the swell is big.
  • Finally the last stop in Pero where you can surf and fish tunas or mackerels.

Other routes in demand. Surfboard and equipment not included, only fishing and snorkeling gears supplied.

And of course you will surf spots with empty line ups!!


Indonesian surf cruise boat trip

A 10 nights stay - Full board included -

 - Snacks, tea and coffee included -

3 beers per person and per day -

Toilets and bathroom -

Fishing and snorkeling gears included.

From 8400€* (for 3 people)



*Price from depending on season and availability


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