Surf Indonesia

 shaka-sign-3  Sumba 

Surf camp from 520 euros

surf sumba

 shaka-sign-3  Canggu 

Surf camp in Bali from 385 euros

indonésie surf trip

   shaka-sign-3 Mentawaï

Surf house in the Mentawaii from 890 euros


   shaka-sign-3 Bali Boat

Boat trip surf Indo from 1160 euros

surftrip surfcamp indonésie

 shaka-sign-3  Sumatra

Surf for intermediate and advanced
Surf camp in Sumatra with activities from 455€

indonésie surf trip

 shaka-sign-3  Lombok

Lombok Surf camp from 955€

lombok surf camp

TipsOur review
To help you organize your surf trip to Indonesia, we give you some useful tips to know when and where to surf in Indonesia. Our surf camps are tested, validated and certified by our ambassadors who helped building this surf trip to Indonesia.         
Inonesia has a tropical climate, just under the equator, there are 2 seasons. Dry season from March to October with average temperature of 27°c, the wind is weak but consistente, which makes the air dryer and nice; this is the perfect season for a surf trip to Bali. Wet season from November to April where it rains daily. It is also warmer 32°c but more wet as well. The majority of the rains is between December and February.      
You must have a passport valid 6 months after your trip return, since 2015 you don't need visas (French citizens).    
Bahasa is the Federal language, English is widely used, Indonesians will make efforts to understand you.        
There is a 6 hours time difference between Indonesia and France. When it is 5:00am in France during winter or 6:00am during summer,  it is 12:00pm in Bali. GTM +8h.          
All the country is supplied in 220V, no adaptor needed. Do not drink tap water or boil it for 1 minute. Be careful with ice cubes.    
Indonesian Rupiah, be careful ATM do not all deliver the same maximum amount, 50 000, 100 000 or 150 000 Rps, it is indicated on the screen of the ATM.        
No compulsory vaccine. Nevertheless an antimalarial treatment is a good choice if you go outside the cities or on Lombok. Hepatitis A vaccine and Typhoid fever are available and advised (ask you doctor).
Surf camp in Indonesia: to live the surftrip experience, improve your style and discover Indonesia. Indonesia is cheap and the welcome is amazing.

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Elisa Surf camp au Brésil 11 February 2019

A trip to the top. A great place. A team of Prof Extra, in exchange and sharing, Super available. A beautiful surf camp, very well kept, very clean. A surf spot for an extra ordinary beginner. Dolphins, turtles a few inches from US!!!!!! Waves adapted to my level. In short everything was together for a great trip!!!!!! bcp thanks for your advice it was exactly what I wanted!! Very quickly for a new trip!!!!!

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