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The destination of your dreams The journey

Intermediate / Advanced


Where do we sleep? Accommodation

This surf camp run by a Frenchman is located in the northwest of Sumatra Island, on the Banyak archipelago.
The surf camp is built on stilts and enjoys the quietness of the bay.
The main structure where the restaurant is located is connected via a pontoon to the room bungalow. Natural materials such as wood and bamboo have been used in the construction.
Each room is equipped with a bathroom, mosquito nets, fan and towels.
The surf camp's electricity is provided by generators, and for ecological reasons, the power is cut off for 2 or 3 hours in the morning and 2 or 3 hours in the afternoon.
Guests should only bring environmentally friendly products, such as natural shampoos, soaps, toothpaste, sunscreen, to preserve the unspoiled nature surrounding the accommodation.
Other activities include canoeing, snorkeling, fishing and sightseeing.
Surfboard not included, bring your own equipment.
Optional: transfer from Nias or Simeulue Island (where we can fly to) with our new boat. The price is 275 €.

Surfing side The waves

We offer surf guide services to understand and surf the best spots at the best time.
There are 3 waves near the surf camp:

  • Gunturs - a straight line with 3 sections that gives several tubes. It's a swell magnet that works all the time. A tube machine.
  • Lolok Point - a left that works with a good swell. There are several sections that encircle the point of the island and form tubes.
  • Dindos - a perfect left, excellent for practicing maneuvers.

At 40 mn by boat, on the island of Bangkaru, there are other waves:

  • Treasure Island - the treasure of the Banyak Islands, a right with 3 tube sections.
  • Cobra - an incredible tubular left in a sensational frame.
  • Turtle - an easy left, perfect for intermediate surfers.

and many other secret spots to discover on the spot.

Formulas & Rates Choose your formula!

Surf Camp

  • Accommodation in a private room
  • Private areas: toilets and bathroom
  • Full board
  • 2 beers per person per day
  • Snack, juice, tea and coffee included
  • Daily boat trips to the surf spots in the bay
  • Twice a week, a boat trip to one of the other surf spots outside the bay, depending on the conditions

8 days / 7 nights

When to leave? The perfect months

Indonesia has a tropical climate, just below the equator, two seasons are distinguished:

  • The dry season from March to October where the average temperature is 27°C the wind remains weak but constant, which makes the air drier and more pleasant. This is the ideal season.
  • The rainy season from November to April when it rains at least once a day. It is warmer, 32°C on average, but also much more humid. Note that the vast majority of rainfall is concentrated between December and February.


Our opinion impressions of 360° Surf

You'll like :

  • The waves of the bay that work all year round
  • The spots with few people in the water
  • Quality reef waves

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