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When to go surfing in Taghazout:

You can organize your surf trip to Taghazout from November to May to have consistent waves.


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This surf camp offers a cocooning atmosphere, personnal and authentic in which you will find the spheres of surf and yoga but especially all the needed and expected comfort after a surf session.

This surf camp has 8 wide rooms with patio and ocean view.

Each room has its private bathroom.

The hotel offers two shared rooms, non-mixed, which can welcome four to five people.

These rooms will perfectly suit people with low budgets and those who want to meet people during their surf trip.

This accommodation has a roof top and a swimming pool, you could bask up there enjoying the view and sipping a tea or a fresh smoothie.

If you wish to practice yoga on your own, the Shala stays opened all day at your convenience.

The surfcamp also includes a juice bar, opened everyday from 4.00pm.

The surf teachers' experience and knowledge have allowed them to create a timetable that will allow you to learn, or improve, with fun.

Our team of instructors is made up of true enthusiasts, all qualified and having developed an expert knowledge of all the surf spots of the area & surroundings.

We will take you to the best breaks. The region has more than fifteen world class spots, however, our local guides will show you spots still kept a secret from other tourists.

Surf spots nearby : Imsouane, Anchoir Point, Killer's Point, Devil's Rock, Agadir, Essaouira, Tamri for instance.

All surfing gear for learning or advanced practice is available for rent or included in your package.

Foam boards will be provided if you are a beginner. For the most advanced, we have shortboards and hardboards.


Surf Camp Taghazout - Shared Room

A 7 days stay in a shared room - Full board included -

Common areas : bathroom and toilets -

6 surf lessons managed by certified surf instructors

 - Free Wifi -  Airport Transfers from/to Agadir - Surf gear, equipment during the lessons

560 €*


Surf Camp Taghazout - Private double Room

A 7 days stay in a private room - Full board included -

Private bathroom -

6 surf lessons managed by certified surf instructors

 - Free Wifi -  Airport Transfers from/to Agadir - Surf gear, equipment during the lessons



*Prices per person from - depending on season and availabilities

To organize your surf trip in Morocco, please find hereafter some useful tips, to know where and when to go. Our surf camps in Morocco have been tested, confirmed and certified by our ambassadors who built the surf trip to Morroco.


Moroccan beaches enjoy a nice and temperate weather, winter is clement and mild whereas summer is sunny and warm. The waves are not lacking during winter.


A valid passport for at least 3 months (6 months for Belgian citizens) from the entry date to Morocco.


The majory of Moroccan people speak and understand French and English.


Morocco uses Greenwich Time. When it is midday in France, it is 10.00am in Morocco and 11.00am during winter.


Avoid all non manufactured drinks, ice, milk and derived non manufactured drinks, shellfish.

Spring water must be uncaped in front of you. All the country is supplied in 220V with European standard plugs.


Moroccan currency is the dirham (Dh). 1€ is approximately 11Dh, this currency rate is stable for years. This currency is not convertible, you are supposed to leave Morocco without any dirham in your pocket (you could change them in the airport if you have kept the receipt from the cash broker).

Be careful, on the souk, sometimes small amounts are given in riels (1 dirham = 20 riels ;1 riel = 5 Moroccan cents.


No vaccination needed by authorities for European travellers.


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