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In order to organize your stay surfing in Brazil, we offer you some information indispensable to know where and when to go surfing. Our Surfcamp in Brazil are tested, validated and certified by our Ambassadors who participated in the construction of the surf trip in Brazil.


Brazil is great and the climate varies depending on where you are located...
The surf-camp is located towards Natal (North east) and benefited of a tropical climate, either two se
asons: from July to April with temperatures surrounding the 30 °c and little precipitation and
from May to June where it rains in a significant way.

Entry formalities

No visa required to return to Brazilian soil, a valid passport is sufficient for EU nationals.


We speak Portuguese. English is widely used, we can be understood almost everywhere.

Time difference

There can be between 3 and 5 hours of time difference with France, depending on where you are because of geography but also depending on the regions that apply or not the winter hours/summer.


The whole country is equipped with 110v, a type US adapter is needed, easily bought on site and very cheap.
Tap water is potable, many inhabitant uses Chabron filters adaptable to piping, for hotels There is no reason to be more suspicious than reason.
To be sure, prefer bottled water.


The national currency is the Real Brazilian BRL.


No vaccine is obligatory, however vaccines for hepatitis A and B, typhoid fever and yellow fever are available and highly recommended (ask your doctor before you leave).
Cases of dengue have been identified, consider putting long clothes and repellant aspérger, for the most sensitive anticipate medications for intestinal problems.

Chosen as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches of Brazil thanks to its cliffs, its vegetation, its sand dunes... You're entering paradise. A great surfing destination, a good staff and a magical place to learn or evolve during a surf trip in Brazil!


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