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A cool surf trip, seeking good vibes and nice atmosphere,
located in Senegal, this surf camp is open for all surf levels. From 372€


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To best organize your surf trip to Senegal, we provide you some useful tips to know where and when to surf in Senegal. Our surf camps in Senegal are tested, certified and validated by our ambassadors who helped building this surf trip to Senegal.



Senegal has a tropical climate, warm and wet. From June to October, it is wet season with strong wind. From November to June, it is dry season, warm and dry, with light wind.



Compulsory visa since 01 July 2013.



We speak French.



The is less an hour during winterand two suring summers. When it is 12.00pm in Paris, it is 11.00am in Senegal.



Tap water should be drinkable but a lot of people would rather botlled water or take tablets to purify it.

Power supply is from solar supply or generators.



The Franc CFA is used, there are ATM all around the country.



Compulsory vaccines before departure : yellow fever, you doctor will give you information and procedure.

Other recommanded vaccines, Hepatitis A and B, meningitis, tetanus, diphteria, typhoid fever and rabies.


Very nice surf trip in Senegal on this little island full of history.

There is swell and you will be surprised by the level of the locals.

This destination is know from seasonned travellers, it is not promoted and the continent is not highlighted.

If you are seeking a relax surf trip, with good surprises and a very nice atmosphere, this surf trip to Senegal will reconcile you with Africa and your surf will be pleased!

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