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10 January 2020 | Africa

If surfing is easy atEasy surf camp is thanks to the team that makes up this surf camp. I've been to many surf camps and it's always a nice moment to meet a team with whom everything is easy, authentic, family. Hicham and Nikki manage the surf camp with pleasure and you can feel it.

Hicham is from Kenitra in the north of Morocco. "There are nice waves there you have to go surfing".. This is one of his first sentences marking his love for his origins and for surfing. Hicham is passionate about surfing and the ocean of course.

After having been a judge and instructor for different schools and surf camps, notably with the Moroccan surfing federation, Hicham decided to create his own camp. So he launches himself with Nikki in the adventure. Originally from Switzerland, Nikki is conquered by Morocco and dreams of working in tourism. She did well!

Nikki is so generous and friendly that we quickly feel at ease. Together they have created a package of accommodation and surfing lessons and it is about our stay with them and surfing in Morocco that we are going to talk about.

Special surf accommodation in Morocco

Located in the heights of Tamraght the surf camp has a view of the ocean and some surf spots. You can even check out two peaks from the terrace. Built on three floors, our host offers private and shared rooms for surfers.
A large and beautiful courtyard welcomes us on arrival where the surfing equipment is also located.

We appreciated the atmosphere created by Nikki, Hicham and their team. Here, the smile is the first to be remembered. Hicham always takes the time to come in the evening to chat with his hosts to talk about surfing, to listen to what people like or dislike: "I want to be close to the surfers who come here, they can see details that I am not able to see to improve the place little by little.

This atmosphere is also due to the very pleasant layout of the place. A large communal table to eat together, living areas where you can meet up after surfing sessions, the kitchen staff nearby. A place where you can quickly feel at home. I think we found something in this surf camp that we hadn't seen for a while. An atmosphere close to what we like in surfing. An atmosphere far from the 5 star hotels that have gradually destroyed the surf culture in the Tamraght area. Here we find that and it's precious!

The little extra is found at the top of the house on the last terrace where there is also a yoga room. It's a beautiful room, built entirely of wood and covered to ensure that yoga classes are held every day without exception.

A typical day in Morocco on a surf trip

Focused instructors and successful surfers

In the morning we have breakfast together at about 9 o'clock. We take the opportunity to say it: we eat well here. A simple and family cooking adapted to the surf. The most motivated will have got up earlier to do a morning yoga class at 8:15 am.

Then the surf instructors take the groups to the best spots for the day. Surf lesson followed by a picnic on the beach. Another good and friendly moment. We do everything here for people to be together and share good moments.

The morning

Then, in the afternoon, the surfers can go back in the water and apply the advice of the instructors or rest on the beach. Back to the surf camp at the end of the afternoon for a snack around a good mint tea! At 5:30 pm, a second yoga class for the most addicted surfers adapted to the end of the day.

We chill with pleasure until dinner at 8pm. There is always some music and people to talk to. It's easy to find a place to isolate yourself or to chat with other surfers. Nikki and Hicham are always available for their guests. They know their job and they love what they do. You can feel it. Thanks to them for this warm welcome.

Of course, in addition to surfing and yoga, an excursion to Paradise Valley is often planned, but you can also enjoy a hammam, massages, a horseback ride on the beach, cooking classes and for the skate addicts a skatepark is not far away to continue riding on land.



Waves, surfing...

The Tamraght region is no longer known for its surfing. It's full of spots between the beaches of Aourir and the north of Taghazoute to Tamrir. If the beginners and the intermediates will find their happiness and will progress thanks to the team of instructor of the surf camp, the confirmed surfers will also have choice.

And Guiding...

I've been surfing in Morocco for three months now. It's my third trip to this country. As far as surf spots are concerned, I'm starting to know and my experience allows me to surf alone. However, I still needed experienced locals to surf the south of the Sahara for example or to discover new waves. There is nothing better than to find a good guide on the spot. The pros themselves use locals in some countries! So why not us. I personally enjoy spending time with these local surfers. I always learn from them and I have never surfed as much good waves as with locals. So Hicham can accompany you to your favorite spots and tell you about surfing in Morocco. It's thanks to him that I'm going to go up to Kenitra to surf some spots.

Hicham can organise surf trips and guide you to the best spots around Tamraght. There is plenty to do. With 360° Travel we can also build a tailor made surf trip with Hicham to surf the best waves in Morocco in less crowded spots. A trip further north between Kenitra and Tamraght. But also further south towards Sidi Ifni and in the Sahara to the famous incredible waves of Dakhla. We then build the trip to measure all included. On the first day, Hicham will check your limits and your surfing level to make the trip as safe and enjoyable as possible. Then it's off to surf the best waves in Morocco.
Hicham already accompanies confirmed surfers or even pro in his country coming from Brazil or the United States. The door is open for French surfers and schools who want to improve their surfing skills during a tailor-made surftrip in Morocco. Contact 360° Travel.

For a bright future

I've been in Morocco for three months now and this week spent with Hicham and Nikki was very pleasant. In the middle of the huge competition in the tourist and surfing sector in Tamraght, we can only advise you to spend a few days with them. It's been three years since the surf camp was born and we wish them a long life. To keep this energy and good mood. To keep with them the relaxed and family surf culture they have, far from the rich factory atmosphere that some people think is necessary. I'm sure that's what will make them successful.


Easy surf style

Happy surfing to the whole team!


Bye bye Hicham and Nikki. Thanks for everything!!!

Book your next surf trip with the Easy surf camp, our expert Morocco teams at 360° Travel will be there to accompany you.



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