Why come to surf in Morocco in winter?

21 January 2016 | Africa

Many of you are asking yourselves the question, "where will I go surfing this winter? And yes, once the cold weather has settled in France, only the most reckless will be able to face the waves of the Basque Country, the Landes, the Gironde or even Brittany. So we say to ourselves why not go away for a week, far from the metropolis, Indo? Too far! Portugal? Too cold! Hawaii? Too expensive! Then you have the solution of a Moroccan surf trip which offers a pleasant climate with good waves for all tastes and all levels of surfing. Today, we give you the 5 good reasons to go to a surf camp in Morocco this winter.

A journey of only 3 hours from Paris

Located only 3 hours from Paris and 2h30 from Bordeaux, Morocco is THE winter surfing destination par excellence for all those who want to escape the cold waters of the French coast. The Moroccan destinations are rather well served by airlines with many low cost flights.

A surf trip that won't break the bank

What also makes Morocco an attractive destination is its price. Indeed, Morocco is cheap... and that's cool! Life there is very cheap but you will have to adapt to the bargaining game if you want to get the best prices.

The Atlantic spots enjoy a very pleasant climate

No more jumpers and hats, just shorts and t-shirts, because it's nice to live in Morocco during the western winter. The Atlantic coast has moderate temperatures all year round, with temperatures dropping to 20°C in winter.

Waves for all tastes in Agadir

Located 10 minutes from Agadir, in the south of Morocco, immerse yourself in Moroccan surfing culture by heading to the small village of Tamraght, just a few kilometres from Taghazout, a meeting point for surfers since the 1970s. Despite the crowds in the water during the winter, Taghazout is still an idyllic place with perfect straights and a great line-up atmosphere. Your surf trip will be oriented according to your level, either towards Banana, small easy wave taking place on a sandy beach very coveted by longboarders and beginners, or towards Devil Rocks, tubular beach break in right and left frequented by many surfers.


Mythical wave, very powerful and hollow, Killer Point, will offer you beautiful tubes which can reach 5 m during big tides. This spot located in front of big cliffs is recommended for experienced surfers during big swells and for intermediate riders during small swells. Experienced or expert surfers should not miss the most beautiful right hand side of the region, appreciated by surfers from all over the world: Anchor Point. You will have to choose a big board in order to ensure a very powerful take-off from 2 meters. Often crowded, respect the priorities if you go to this spot. You'll have to go further south, near Ifni, to surf Desert Point. Very well known to surfers from all over the world, this spot is accessible to all levels despite its hollow and fast straights which, thanks to its beach break, offer no particular danger. However, you will have to be careful with the current during the big swells.

A civilisation to discover

Between two sessions at the line-up, you can appreciate the beauty of the country where nature and culture mix for the greatest pleasure of the visitors. Discovering a civilization, trekking in the desert, hiking in the mountains will make you spend a pleasant moment when the board is at rest. You will be spoilt for choice in Morocco for a most enjoyable stay. In Taghazout, you can discover the Berber culture and appreciate the generosity of its inhabitants who live from fishing, crafts and trade.

Bonus : because 360° Surf travel agency went and tested the surf camps and spots for you.

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It's easy to see why many pro surfers go to Morocco during the winter season. So who is up for a little surf camp in Morocco ?

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