Why is it essential to surf in Nicaragua? 

29 March 2018 | Central America

Looking for pure waves and escape? Welcome to Nicaragua! The largest nation in Central America, Nicaragua is located between Costa Rica and Honduras. For a long time, Nicaragua was considered as a difficult place to visit and not very suitable for tourism, mainly because of the guerrilla war that lasted from 1979 to 1990. Nicaragua is now a dream destination for your next surfing trip in the sun.

With its multitude of very good spots and its magnificent waves thanks to its almost constant offshore wind, you will be spoilt for choice to go surfing in Nicaragua. Here, there is something for all tastes and all levels.

We give you all the good reasons for "Why you should absolutely surf in Nicaragua?"

An ideal location and perfect waves

With more than 330 days of offshore wind, consistent swells all year round, Nicaragua has become over the years a world-class destination for all surf and sun lovers. As far as waves are concerned, everything is gathered for your greatest pleasure: beach breaks, point breaks, reef breaks and big waves for the chargers. Many describe the beaches of the region as the best beach breaks in Central America. You can come and surf all year round. What could be better?

A most welcoming country

Considered as the safest country in Central America according to the travel guides, the people are warm and very welcoming as our two ambassadors could testify. In addition to being able to meet a very varied population at the line-up you will be able to discuss very easily with the locals to ask for your way or simply to make the conversation around a pinolillo (editor's note: drink a little rustic, more or less sweetened, containing roasted corn and cocoa, water or milk).

Surf spots still unknown

Unlike its neighbour Costa Rica, Nicaragua is not yet well known for its numerous surf spots and its very clean waves adapted to all levels. Even if the beaches of the Pacific, splendid and still wild, attract more and more surfers of the whole world. You can perfect your take-off or tube on the perfect waves of San Juan Del Surf or learn to surf on the beginners spots. Best surf spots : Astillero (beach break), Popoyo (a beach break, a reef break), Santana (beach break) and Colorado (beach break).

Good weather conditions for surfing

With temperatures around 30°C all year round and water temperatures up to 28°C, Nicaragua offers ideal surfing conditions almost all year round. The best, biggest and most consistent waves occur with the arrival of tropical storms during the rainy season between May and November. The dry season, from December to April is also interesting because the offshore winds are strong and constant. Ideal for learning to surf.

A total change of scenery

Apart from San Juan Del Sur, the southernmost city on the Pacific side where you can enjoy the festive atmosphere, the rest of Nicaragua still lives in a very simple and authentic way.

A still preserved country

Despite its growing development, Nicaragua has managed to preserve its environment and its wild landscapes. You will be able to appreciate its very diversified nature by traversing the country: lakes, volcanoes, mountains, plains, tropical forests and beaches of white or black sand.

So, what are you waiting for to book your next surftrip to Nicaragua ?



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