Portugal: feedback from our 360°Surf ambassadors

21 April 2017 | Europe

Our two 360° Surf ambassadors, Pauline and Fanny, have just returned from their surftrip in Portugal and they tell us about their surfing trip in the country of "todo va bene"...

360° Surf : Why did you choose a surf camp in Portugal ?

It was our first surftrip and we didn't have many days of holidays so we opted for a surftrip not very far away and not very expensive... Portugal was perfect for us in terms of budget, travel time and waves. We stayed 5 days near Peniche, in Baleal... Only 1h30 by plane from Bordeaux and 1 hour drive from Lisbon, it was a total change of scenery.

How did you organize your surftrip ?

We had taken our plane tickets a long time in advance, so it didn't cost us much (less than 50 euros return) and as we wanted to move around Peniche we rented a car (34 euros for 5 days, very good value). We could surf every day and make a small road trip while being lodged in the surf camp.

What spots have you wrinkled?

We were in Baleal, right next to Peniche. We were able to surf every day on the Lagide and Cantinho da Baia spots. These two spots are really perfect for beginners or those who want to improve their surfing skills as they are located in a cove so the conditions are much less strong. We also went to Supertubos (just to see the mythical spot) which is really close to the surf camp and as we had a car we went to Nazaré. Even if the big conditions were not there, you can feel the surfing atmosphere of this fishermen village.

Tell us about the atmosphere in the line-up?

The atmosphere at the line-up is really cool... The whole of Portugal is pretty relaxed... We were beginners and the surfers let us take waves. The spot is big enough, there are waves for everyone. :) What's cool too is that we can all meet on the beach bars after the session for a Super Bock (local beer) with the sunset in bonus.

What are your good plans in Portugal (spots, to see, to do, where to eat)? In short, how is life there?

Our To do list Portugal :

  • Rent a car (it's really cheap in Portugal and you can easily discover the coast)
  • In Supertubos, enjoy a glass of port and a plate of prawns at Xakria Beach Bar
  • Admire the sunset at the Bar do Bruno in front of the spot
  • Stop for a morning in the fortified village of Obidos and taste a "cup of Ginga" (cherry-based digestif served in a chocolate cup)
  • Drive to Nazaré and admire the waves from the top of the lighthouse
  • Take a detour to the town of Sintra on the way down to Lisbon
  • Meet and spend time with the locals

What is your best memory / scare?

We didn't have any scares during our stay in Portugal, except for the way the Portuguese drive. The most in Portugal is to take the time to discover the culture of this very welcoming country.

What has marked you? 

The kindness of the Portuguese. Everywhere we went they spoke French and were really attentive to us.

In one word, how would you sum up your experience ? What advice would you give to a future globetrotter?

PERFECT! A top surf camp and a very available team, a country full of cultural richness, tame waves and a simply great gastronomy.

If you don't have a big budget but want to enjoy it to the max... Fly to Peniche.

What will be your next surftrip?

I think it will be Morocco or Tenerife in October :)

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