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12 July 2015 | Good plans

This time it's the good one! Mum has given you permission to go on a week-long surftrip with your mates! What are the good reflexes to have? How to choose your destination? And what are the mistakes not to make? We tell you everything for a successful surftrip with your friends!

First of all, we brainstorm about the level, the experience, the desires and the wallet of each one (the brainstorming can be similar to a pizza/beer).

There are four categories to choose from:

The cheap surftrip

Not too far away with good waves. Spain, Portugal or even the west coast of France... From spring to autumn you can organise trips for less than 300 € per person... good deal!
If you add a little more you can afford the Canary Islands (European Hawaii) or Morocco (more in the spring).

The roots surftrip

Now we go on a big surftrip with our colleagues. We take a plane ticket to New Zealand, we buy a wreck that we put down not far from Raglan (because we are not allowed to sleep on Raglan since a few years) we surf, we surf and we surf... public showers and toilets, communion with nature... A real authentic trip but be careful : choose your friends well and know a bit about the roots trip...

The big surftrip with friends

This one marks you for life! Head for Central America (ideally Costa Rica where the waves are easier) or Brazil or India... On the agenda: surfing, fiesta and adventure with friends... These countries are relatively cheap and easy to get to if you know three words in English!

And finally the consecration:

The boat trip surfing !

Then you can choose between the Maldives or Indo. With these two destinations you will get your money's worth! The experience is incredible. From Mentawai to the northern atolls. Life on a boat is unique with virgin and different waves every morning... A boat is freedom (Jack Sparrow 1874)

What not to do

Choose a destination not adapted to your level... Don't go to Mentawai if you don't pass the duck... At best you will be frustrated, at worst injured!

Don't take your credit card if you go on a party in Brazil or Costa Rica (or even in France) or your banker might come and get you!

And finally, go with trusted friends and share all the preparation steps with each other...

Hope to see you on a future surftrip.

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