Mentawai VS Maldives... Make your choice!

02 February 2016 | Asia

It's true that between these two paradise destinations for both surfing and breathtaking scenery, it's hard to choose. But why choose the Maldives over the Mentawai (and vice versa)? It's an interesting question, isn't it? Today, 360° Surf presents you these two surfing destinations.

The Maldives... A dream come true!

Expensive, not varied enough, inconsistent, bourgeois... The clichés are numerous when talking about the Maldives. But is it all true?

For some years now the surfing world has fallen in love with Mentawai for its waves. But what you need to know is that the waves there are not forgiving, unfortunately, unlike the Maldives atolls which remain accessible to intermediate and advanced surfers. "A must for any good surfer who is a self-respecting globetrotter" according to Matthieu of 360° Surf.

The Maldives is 1199 coral islands and 26 atolls. Situated at the top of the Indian Ocean, the Madives receive swells almost all year round. It is of course a warm water destination with a classic pointbreak, beautiful lefts and rights for all levels and all types of boards. In short, the Maldives is simply paradise with a wave machine to boot.

If you are not yet very confident in surfing, even if you master it correctly, you will have to go to the Maldives. Yes, a surftrip to the Maldives is possible and it's not as expensive as you might think. The atolls will satisfy you simply for their cleanliness, their easy access waves and their breathtaking sea beds.

To get to the Maldives you can choose between several companies departing from major French cities. There are two options: on land in a guest house or hotel (there is no shortage of these over there) or at sea with a boat trip to the many spots in the atolls.

If you're honest with yourself, you'll choose the Maldives because you'll have more fun, catch more waves, hit more lips and end up with less coral! In's your dream postcard...


Mentawai Secret... A surfer's dream!

For a long time the "preserve" of western surfers, Indonesian waves, and in particular those of the Mentawai archipelago, now welcome surfers from all over the world: from the confirmed amateur to Mick Fanning, not forgetting our Frenchies, all arrive with their hearts full of hope to be able to give these world-renowned spots a try.

The Mentawai Archipelago, located off the coast of Sumatra, is now considered one of the best surfing destinations in the world. Its position in the Indian Ocean is conducive to receiving a consistently strong swell. During the dry season, from April to October, the Indian Ocean becomes a real wave machine, with deep and powerful waves hitting the Mentawai.

In addition to surfing, the archipelago offers many other activities that provide a complete change of scenery. Seen and seen again, Mentawai remains one of the most consistent surfing destinations in the world.

So what is the point of spending money on a boat trip to the Mentawai? Simply because the dream for every surfer is the Mentawai!

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