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   surfer You will love:

   shaka-sign-3   The inbelievable beauty of the archipelago

   shaka-sign-3   The atmosphere and the US mind

   shaka-sign-3   The Aloha spirit 

When to surf in Hawaii:

The best time to surf in Hawaii Archipelago is from September to April, with a preference for winter for experienced surfers (Nov-Dec). 

Our review 360 :

The discovery of the surf culture, the Aloha spirit is ubiquitous, and difficult to explain, you are simply in surfers paradise.

The American island, mordern and stylish down South, wild in the North...

Nothing more to say about Hawaii, the perfect surfing destination!

AccommodationSurf breakPackages & Rates

Many options available depending on the time spent on each island, and on your budget for the surf trip to Hawaii.

All the hotels include double rooms, TV, A/C, Wifi, car park.

On Kauai and Maui, federal taxes apply.


First, some geography. Open your book to the Oceanic Archipelagos page.

Hawaii includes several islands, Maui and O'ahu are the most known, although Big Island is full of hidden treasures.

For short stays, go to the North Shore of Oahu where you can take surf lessons, stand-up paddle lessons or rent equipment or just get tanned on the amazing beach, in a surf and relax atmosphere...

Do not forget to surf with your longboard on the famous Wakiki Beach!

Package created on demand, depending on your desirs, your time and your budget.

Ask for a quote, we will be pleased to answer it!


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shaka-sign-3 Hawaii

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