May, we make the bridge? Yes, but where?

17 April 2018 | Where and when to go

May is approaching fast and you still haven't booked your plane tickets for a few days or a week surftrip ? Don't worry, 360° Surf has found you the best surfing destinations for a solo surftrip, with friends or family. Follow the guide...

Destination surfing for a few days on the coast

Between May 1st, May 8th, Ascension Day and Whit Monday, you'll be spoilt for choice if you want to get away from the current gloom. It's decided, let's take a ticket for a dream destination a few hours flight from the metropolis.

A surftrip in Portugal

Synonymous with sunshine, varied gastronomy, friendly and welcoming locals, rich culture, numerous spots for all levels and breathtaking landscapes.

In Portugal everything is in place for a dream surftrip in one of our surf camps. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced surfer you will find waves all along the coast. From the mythical spots of Peniche to Sagres in the south, passing by Baleal and Ericeira, you will be able to have fun.

And if surfing doesn't appeal to you, you can always sunbathe on the many beaches along the coast and discover the splendid underwater world. From the lookouts of Lisbon to the horizons of the Portuguese coast and the sumptuous palaces of Sintra, you will have plenty to do in Portugal. You can admire Portugal from the top of its cliffs, its castles or its mountains.

So we book a surftrip to Portugal for the month of May?

A surftrip in Spain

When you think of Spain, you don't necessarily think of surfing, but you can have a blast on the Spanish spots. Direction Santander, small capital of Spanish surfing where the fiesta is an art of living! The coast is nice, the waves are numerous and regular and the temperature is milder than in France. If you don't want to go that far, San Sebastian, one hour from the border, will also delight you with its waves, its gastronomy, its old town and its tapas street.

Perfect to get back into the swing of things before the summer or to discover the first sensations of a successful take off!

So we book a surftrip in Spain for the month of May?

A surftrip to the Canaries

A surf camp in the Canaries is the best idea for a surfing holiday. Surfing the waves from sunrise to sunset, only 4 hours from Paris: Tenerife, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote will offer you a multitude of spots, both on the left and on the right, for beginners as well as for advanced surfers.

Absolutely recommended for the trip with friends, it is also suitable for families who want to learn together and have a good time.

The Canary Islands are a must! We often talk about it but it's even better on the spot.

So we book a surftrip to Canary Islands for the month of May?

A surftrip in Morocco

Is it still necessary to tell you why a surftrip in Morocco is cool? Well ok we remind you !

At only 3 hours from Paris a surftrip to Morocco will bring you a multitude of spots with a coastline configuration that allows you to check 5 spots in less than an hour. Forget the problem of localism and expect to laugh at the peak. The locals are keen to see you progress and have fun... There are waves for everyone! This is a real cheap surfing destination! The atmosphere in the small fishing villages around Agadir is just huge! Campfire on the beach mixing teachers and students, music and meeting around a tagine ... The top of the surf trip! Specially adapted for the trip between friends, it is also adapted to families.

So we book a surftrip to Morocco for the month of May?

And for the more adventurous who are not afraid of jetlag: Latin America with a surftrip to Costa Rica or a surftrip to Nicaragua.



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