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30 June 2015 | Oceania

Once again Kyllian Guerin has done us the honour of sharing his life as a young surfer in the making... details of his latest surf trip to Australia, exclusively for 360° Surf:


Surf trip Australia

360° Surf : You just came back from a surf trip in Australia, can you tell us a bit about your trip ?

Kyllian Guerin : It was the second time I went to Australia but the first time I was 5 years old so I don't really remember. This time, I really discovered a part of the country because I went from the south towards Melbourne to the Gold Coast with a part between Coolangatta and Sydney by car. So, I got to see a lot of places. It's a fantastic country, Australians are The scenery and the waves were incredible. I really loved it.

How long did you stay there ? Which spots did you wrinkle?

I stayed for more than a month, which is the least I can do because the country is so big.

I was first in Torquay for the World Championship stage in Bells. Then I went by plane à Coolangatta on the Gold Coast. I was able to surf Snappers and D-bah. I went to see my boyfriend Kyuus about Byron bay where we had some great sessions. Then on the way down we had bylaws à Yamba and Angourie Full stop. Then I did a spot at Vincent's Primel at Old bar above Foster. Then we finished the trip in the surroundings of Sydney. Cronula , Woolonghon..

right-perfect-angled dot

Perfect right - Angourie point


How did you feel about your trip? How did you organize it?

At the last minute. We'd arranged with Rip Curl for Bells. Then my father did it according to his connections and especially the swell. We booked every time we decided to move. So nothing too set in advance.

Why did you choose Australia?

I wanted to go to Bells, then Australia is a country where there are great waves with a high water level. It's a must for all surfers. I really love this country and I have good friends there. It's a place where I'm really going to spend some time.



Tell us about the atmosphere in the line-up?

It's ok, there are a lot of people on spots like Snappers, some people on others in general and sometimes nobody on some of them I won't say the name :). But it's pretty cool and the Australians are respectful. Anyway, they were great to me.

What is the difference with the French waves at this time of the year?

It's the beginning of winter in Australia, with the start of the good swells in Victoria and New South Whales. The water is not too cold yet so a 3/2 is enough and it's nice outside. It's a good time to move on these spots. On the Gold Coast, it's great, the water is good and we always surf in boardshorts with sometimes a top while here we are still in 4/3.

What is your best memory / scare?

My biggest scare was at Bells on an off day. It was grey, windy, choppy but a good size. I got into the water and as soon as I got to the line up I saw a big black shape coming at me. I took the first one that came along and went straight onto the beach. I'm not sure if it was a shark, I think it was an elephant seal. But when Lakey came out of the water and said "I saw that thing too" we decided not to go back!

The best memory is perhaps this incredible session with Vincent Primel at his place where I stuck one of the most beautiful hits of my life.


Perfect left

What are your good plans in Australia (spots, to see, to do, where to eat)? In short, life there?

Torquay below Melbourne is a beautiful place, it's a bit like Hossegor and there are quite a few good spots outside Bells too. Then on the Gold Coast, it's pretty classic and well known. But it's true that Snappers is incredible despite the world.

To eat there, we had our habits and there is a very good sushi at the bottom of the moll on Coolangatta with an ice cream shop right next to it. Pure happiness!

Then as a good plan, it is really the surf camp of Vincent Primel. He is on a great spot and knows the area perfectly now. He will be able to drive you as he did for me and it is really worth it.

Also, don't hesitate to explore the coastline south of Sydney to Wooloongon. There are a multitude of great spots.


Air a D bah

What will be your next trip? Why do you want to do it?

I went to Mentawai after Australia. Let's say it was on the way back.

In one word, how would you sum up your experience ? What advice would you give to a future globetrotter?

I would say Australia is easy, just rent a car like I did with my dad, have a map of the spots and let yourself be guided with the reports to be sure to have a good stay. At the line up, stay cool. Australians are passionate and they will share good sessions with you without any problem.

Thank you Kyllian for your feedback.

See you soon ;)



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