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09 September 2015 | Europe

With the start of the new school year, every week we say hello to our 360° Surf providers. Today, it's Miguel's turn, manager of the surf camp Tenerife, to give us some news ! He tells us about his surf spot, his surf camp, but also about his good plans and his best memories in the water...

360° Surf : Hi Miguel, can you introduce yourself in 2 words ?

Miguel : Hi I'm Miguel Rodriguez, I'm 29 years old and I'm the director of the Tenerife surf camp in the Canaries. 20 years of surfing under my belt. Since 2013 I am also a judge on the national surf circuit. I was part of the national surf selection Canaries 2008-2012 to get an entry in the top 10 of the Canary Islands Place ranking and 4th in the SUP ranking. I travel regularly to France, England, Portugal, Morocco, Spain and all the islands: Canary Islands, Australia and Indonesia...

Can you tell us about surfing at home?

The surfing on the island is amazing and it is almost impossible not to have waves 365 days a year, where the water temperature can go down to 19 °C and the outside temperature can go from 20 °C to 30 °C. This is why the Canary Islands are called the "European Hawaii".

In only an hour and a half you can cross the island where you will always find good places to surf. I'm especially talking about Playa de Las Americas. The area is the warmest on the island with very little wind which makes the waves perfect. The atmosphere at the line-up is very good despite what people think. With a wide variety of waves at the peak, there is something for everyone. I've travelled a lot and I can tell you that this place has nothing to envy to Australia or even Hawaii. I can tell you that at 100 %.

Can you tell us about your surf camp?

It is situated in the best location on the island with a superb view of the ocean and the beach only 5 minutes walk away. Situated in the southwest of the island and only 15 minutes from the village of the Giants in the west you can see the Teide volcano as well as amazing underwater life (dolphins, whales and more). In the Canary Islands there is always something to do and you can enjoy some very good fish for €15.

Just 45 minutes north of the surf camp, you can head to the capital, which is full of parks and large shopping centres that are the cheapest in Europe. Also in the north, Icoz, the birthplace of wine, is a magical place where you can taste the best free wines and cheeses on the island and see the great old Dragos trees.

When is the best time to go?

I think the best time to go is between September and May. Although in the summer the waves work well too. I mean while in Europe it was completely flat we had good swells between mid July and August with waves up to 4 meters. For beginners to intermediate surfers the conditions are very good all year round, for advanced surfers the winter gets bigger swells.

Can you give us a spotlight for beginners, intermediates and experts?

Las Americas is certainly the best place for beginners and intermediate surfers with easy access to the line-up. For advanced surfers and bodyboarders you can go to Alcala.

What are its dangers?

I don't think the spots in the Canaries are dangerous unless you are careful.

Tell us about the atmosphere in the line-up?

The atmosphere in the water is very good. I see new faces all the time and there have never been any problems. Of course, if you are a beginner surfer and you go to the waves of the experienced surfers, the atmosphere will be a bit more tense but if the rules are respected, everything will be fine ;)

What is your best story about this spot?

It was when the famous Hercules swell came to our island. We were in the water just me and two friends. The waves were between 5 and 7 meters. After 2 hours in the water, we had only caught two waves and a bodyboarder came towards us. He must have been about 12 years old and he was panicking. We wondered how he got here. Luckily there was a fisherman's boat in the distance and we waved for him to come and pick him up. After a few minutes he came and took it back to the harbour and that's when THE show came. I saw this monster standing in front of me, I rowed with all my strength to get through but the wave caught me. It was probably the worst wipeout of my life. The next day, the child's mother came to thank me for saving her son's life. So that's probably the worst and best story of my life.

What are your good plans? Spots, what to see, what to do, where to eat? In short, life there?

On the island there are millions of possibilities but the best thing to do is of course to start surfing. You can also make excursions to the Teide volcano, which is the largest volcano in Europe, boat trips to see dolphins and whales. In the evening we regularly go to the Zoo Bar, the most typical place to eat the best fish at the best price.

What advice would you give to a globetrotter?

If you come to us, you will not be disappointed with the trip. This tropical paradise will put you at ease and you will not hesitate to return.

For all your all-inclusive surfing holidays it's 360° Surf.



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