Immediate boarding for a trip to Portugal

15 September 2015 | Europe

A mild climate in winter, a country that is easy to discover because of its hospitality and size and a wide variety of spots, Bem-Vindo in Portugal! Are you looking for a friendly country not far from home? Don't hesitate, a surf trip to Portugal will do you a world of good.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer, Portugal is a perfect destination for all types of surfers. From the punchy waves of Peniche or Nazaré to the quieter waves of Sagres, Portugal is a surfing destination you should visit at least once in your life.

"A surf trip in Portugal is about seeing a variety of landscapes, drinking a beer at sunset in an old hut by the beach, sharing grilled sardines with local fishermen, getting lost in Lisbon and getting intoxicated by its atmosphere. It's a trip not far from home at unbeatable prices. It's a beautiful country where whatever your level if you go at the right time of the season you'll be fulfilled. Noé, 360° Surf Ambassador and mental coach.

So, are you coming with us? Reservations can be made through here for a surf trip to Portugal.

For all your all-inclusive surfing holidays it's 360°Surf.



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