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01 September 2015 | Africa

You've just returned to work or school and you're already fed up? What could be better than thinking about your next holiday? Come on, let's go... Boarding immediately for a cheap trip to Morocco.

The Morocco surf camp, only 3 hours from Paris, offers you a multitude of spots with a coastline configuration that allows you to check out 5 spots in less than an hour. Forget the problem of localism and expect to laugh at the peak. The locals are keen to see you progress and have fun... There are waves for everyone! This is a real cheap surfing destination! The atmosphere in the small fishing villages around Agadir is just huge! Campfire on the beach mixing teachers and students, music and meeting around a tagine... The top of the surf trip! Specially adapted for the trip with friends, it is also adapted to families.

Edouard Delpero, the multi-faceted French surfer, gives us his opinion on this winter's top destination. Edouard Delpero, regularly travels to Morocco to have fun on the country's excellent waves. Today, for 360° Surf, the French surfer gives us his opinion.

"In Morocco the waves are perfect. The country offers us a lot of point breaks with a very pleasant temperature even if it is de rigueur to surf in 4/3 during the winter. Otherwise the locals are simply top notch. They are smiling and very welcoming. As for the food, couscous, tajines, tea... It is more than delicious. It's simply a lifestyle that suits me!

Morocco is great! We talk about it a lot but we know why. Don't forget to enjoy your life; bookings for a stay in Morocco are through here.

For all your all-inclusive surfing holidays it's 360°Surf.




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