Destination Surf Trip : Costa Rica or Nicaragua

17 January 2017 | Central America

A surftrip to the end of the world tempts you. However, you have absolutely no idea which country to choose, between a surftrip to Costa Rica, known by all, and a surftrip to Nicaragua and its still unexploited line-ups? The two countries, although geographically close, offer totally different surftrips... Follow the guide! Latin atmosphere, human warmth and exceptional nature! Whether it's for a surftrip with a friend or for a family surfing trip, Central America is one of those places in the world where you can quickly feel good... Too good, some might say!

In both cases, it's hot... You can surf in a swimming costume and we like that!

Costa Rica

Discovered by the general public with the movie Endless Summer, Costa Rica is the surfing destination par excellence... The whole Pacific coast is full of spots for all levels and with all types of reef, beachbreak, pointbreak...

What also sets Costa Rica apart are the different atmospheres between the regions, you can party in Tamarindo with all kinds of Americans, surf the witch's rock and score Playa Negra or go down to Santa Teresa for a more intimate atmosphere.

The country wants to shine by its education and its respect of the environment, the "Ticos" are adepts of the PURA VIDA and we are plunged into this atmosphere as soon as we arrive... The hardest part is really the readjustment to the metropolis when we return.

The good plans :

Where to land : San José, sleep in Allajuela and take the day to drive to the volcano and the village of La Fortuna (nice hike with an impressive waterfall)
Where to eat: at Dominical's snack bar, a pollo con quesos y avocado... after the session (otherwise you'll sink)
Where to party : Tamarindo for the American spirit, Jaco for the ticos side (the city is taken by storm by the ticos on weekends because it is 2 hours from the capital)
Best means of transport: the 4x4, to cross the rivers, drive on the beach for 2 hours to reach the surf camp in Santa Teresa...
What to do : surfing of course, visiting the mangrove, canopy, horseback riding in the primary forest, snorkeling at Tortugero Island (not like in Pirates of the Caribbean), quad biking or hiking at Poaz volcano...

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With more than 330 days of offshore wind, consistent swells all year round, Nicaragua has become a world-class destination for all surf and sun lovers over the years. Unlike its neighbour Costa Rica, Nicaragua is not yet well known for its numerous surf spots and its clean waves adapted to all levels even if the splendid and still wild Pacific beaches attract more and more surfers from all over the world. You can perfect your take-off or tube on the perfect waves of San Juan Del Surf or learn the benefits of surfing on the beginner spots. Best surf spots in Nicaragua: Astillero (beach break), Popoyo (one beach break, one reef break), Santana (beach break) and Colorado (beach break).

Colourful, welcoming, varied, surfing, chill, nature, landscapes, gourmet, funny, warm, PERFECT!

The good plans :

Where to land : Managua
Where to eat: enjoy a desayuno nica at Las Sunrisas Café in Granada
Where to get the best coffee: at Finca opposite the Popoyo spot and rather a Tona (the local beer) or a fresh fruit juice.
Best way to get around: the chicken bus or a 4x4 rental
What to do: surf, climb at least 2 volcanoes (there are 25!), chill in a hammock, discover Ometepe Island.

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In the end, whether your goal is to follow in the footsteps of those famous dream waves, or to go on an adventure on calmer spots... Central America will meet all your expectations! Between beach parties, cocktails in the sun, luxuriant nature and a surfing trip almost guaranteed thanks to the regularity of its waves, this part of the world is well worth putting down your board for a few moments...



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