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The camp surpassed my expectations!!

Jessica T surf camp Maroc 27 May 2019

The camp is perfect! We feel like a real Moroccan family. The camp is clean and the food typical delicious. Lire la suite...

The journey from the airport to the hotel is long but worth the effort…

Yuan J surf camp Costa Rica, Santa Teresa 29 April 2019

Super nice site the staff is very friendly and super nice. Great surfing spots at 15 min walk. The journey Lire la suite...

A beautiful surf camp, very well kept, very clean

Elisa Surf camp au Brésil 11 February 2019

A trip to the top. A great place. A team of Prof Extra, in exchange and sharing, Super available. A Lire la suite...

Surf camp Lanzarote-reviews

Marine D Surf camp à Lanzarote - 360 surf 27 May 2019

Idyllic place to surf, correct equipment, nice teacher

Surfing course in Morocco-reviews

Arnaud M stage de surf au Maroc - Taghazout Aouir 27 May 2019

Very good location, good atmosphere, very good meals. Small suggestion: warmer water;-)

Surf stay in Guadeloupe

Cécile C Stage de surf en Guadeloupe 9 May 2019

Very nice stay and unforgettable!! The owners are great and make us feel at ease upon arrival.

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