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West Indies Surf Cruise


When to go? The perfect months

The islands enjoy a climate of between 25°C and 32°C on the sand and between 25°C and 29°C in the water throughout the year.

The best time to surfing in the Caribbean and especially in Martinique is normally between November and March when the big winter swells hit the islands. However, it is possible to enjoy very good conditions all year round.


The boat Sailboat or catamaran

We offer you an exclusive stay on a 4 cabin catamaran guided by a young couple Benoît and Mathilda. You will wake up every day with a different view, two paddles away from a virgin surf spot.
You will be accommodated in double cabins, each with its own bathroom. Wifi is included.
The boat has a fully equipped kitchen where Mathilda will cook you up some great food. There is plenty of room on the deck of the boat to relax after a surf session and enjoy the sun.

Logbook Programme of your cruise

Windsurfing, stand up paddle, kitesurfing and snorkelling facilities are also available.

Are you a beginner? More advanced? In all cases, the organisation adapts to your level and finds you the spot that suits you. Between Martinique, Saint Lucia and Guadeloupe a large choice is offered to you: Point Breaks, Beach Breaks, rights, lefts, you will find everything.
Martinique offers surfing conditions adapted to all levels and remains to this day curiously a rather confidential surfing destination. This creates the big advantage of the island: friendly and very rarely overcrowded spots. The famous peninsula of La Caravelle and its village of Tartane offers 6 different and unique spots such as VVF, a wave for beginners and longboarders, La Plage des surfeurs, slightly bigger lefts and rights, and Cocoa, a fast and tubular wave for hardened surfers.
You will also have the opportunity to discover the beauty and exclusivity of the waves of Saint Lucia and to explore the most remote spots of Guadeloupe.
And if there is no wave? Don't worry, you can try other water sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing or stand up paddle! You can also discover the oases on excursions.

Package & prices on estimate according to the number of people

Our opinion The 360° Travel print

It is easy to understand why the Papillon des Antilles is one of the favourite destinations of the French, whether you are alone, in couple, with family or friends...

You'll like :

  • Access to exclusive spots
  • Surfing in a swimming costume in warm water
  • Waves for all levels

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