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-How it works 360 ° Surf Travel? -


We hear about a destination


We go to the place


We test the accommodation, the atmosphere, the surf school


We create the package


We offer you a Surftrip tested, approved and certified

A real agency Reférente

A team of motivated and friendly professionals is precisely what distinguishes us. In just a few years, 360 ° surf travel has become the reference agency in terms of sports travel to thematic surfing on the French market.
Present in the surf industry but also with the general public, beginners, intermediate and confirmed were able to find a solution adapted to their expectations.

Accompany you, help you

All our destinations are certified by our Ambassadors who test them, evaluate them all year round.
360 ° surfing, it is also a team of surfers passionate to travel, listening to your desires. Before, during and after, you will benefit from the advice, experience and quality of a serious and recognized agency.

Our business, our know-how


We also build custom travel by including a map: airfare, car rental, paperwork and even the rickshaw reservation! We also guarantee an insurance service specializing in sports travel... It's always nice to know you are supported by the right people...




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Surf idea

To choose us is to adopt us


The founders


Team 360 Surf

Surf Travel AgencyTeam 360 Surf




Matthew, administrative and financial director of 360 ° surf, he has for several years run an agency before embarking on the adventure 360 ° surfing. Surfer and extreme sports enthusiast of all kinds, former Champion of France Junior of Fun Board, he took his first waves in windsurfing. In constant search for more authenticity and return to the sources his journey brought him to the origins of the gliding: surfing!

Despite the administrative work, it does not fail to go surfing the new destinations that are proposed to you.

His obsession: Find the best places to surf, while respecting and transmitting the codes and values so fragile the world surf.

Surftrip Surfcamp Morocco

Surf Camp in HawaiiSurf Travel Agency

Amber-Co Founder


Amber, travel designer, expert on the Asia pole, surfer but above all passionate about travel... She graduated as a travel agent in 2011, took the opportunity to go around the world in 2013 and it is by returning that she lays her luggage and creates 360 ° Surf travel. Strong in its experience and constantly looking for the rare gem it is with pleasure that it will build you the most suitable trip to your expectations.

The Expert stays surfing-sports trips



Alexandra-Europe Manager

She takes care of all our surfers and surfers coming from Europe. You talk to her when you build your surfing trips!

It is the Breton team (decidedly they are everywhere these Bretons!): Sporty and adventurer, she saw her passion for surfing grow after several months abroad for her studies of tourism. She has surfed all over the Australian coast, in Morocco, in Spain and continues to discover the surf destinations we offer.

To be able to advise you the best she is obliged to go to meet our providers and to check if the surf camps correspond well to your expectations (this is by far the hardest part of her work!)

Alex is very fussy about the details, she listens to you on the concept of the surf trip that you want to set up and can offer you several activities for non surfers.


Team 360 Surf

Photographer-Ambassadors & Webmaster


Surf Travel Agency

Surf Travel AgencySurf Travel Agency



Noé, sports photographer, coach and mental trainer, Ambassador 360 ° Surf. It is he who tests, experiences and validates all your surftrips.

Always on the move, whether in surf trip in Peru, hitchhiking in Australia or pushing in the depths of Micronesia, he never stays long in France, just enough to make us enjoy his experience and unload the Sd card of his camera ...

This is by far our most sensitive and connected surf ambassador to his environment. Anxious to make you discover surfing in the best conditions, while respecting the people on the spot, it is constantly on the ground.

Surf Travel Agency

Surf Travel AgencySurf Travel Agency



Fanny, marketing Manager, press relations and community manager at 360 ° Surf. Former bodyboarder putting strength to learning surfing...

It is she who is in charge of taming the digital world, management of partners, publicity, creation of events (and all kinds of things that we do not understand very well but which are, it seems, indispensable to the survival of 360 ° surfing on the Web...)

Friends Web agency and Tourism professional It's up to her to address you.

Surf Travel Agency

Surf Travel AgencySurf Travel Agency


Klem has always been interested in the sports world and in particular, the extreme sports, she is always looking for news, novelties and news slips.
It's computer science that this 23 year old girl masters with Ardor. The zero and the 1 have no secrets for her and she logs nights and days on the facelift of the site to make you browsing and choosing your surfing internships even more intuitive and enjoyable.