Boat trip to the Maldives... A dream come true!

28 April 2022 | Asia

"The Maldives remains a dream destination for intermediate, advanced and pro surfers. A must for any good surfer globetrotter who respects himself " the opinion of 360° Surf.

Winter is progressively settling in France while you only dream of escaping to warmer climes. Don't panic, the 360° Surf team offers you to discover the Maldives on board a boat. So no more 4.3 wetsuit, bonnet or slippers... we swap everything for boardshorts and sun cream.

At the beginning, when the idea germinates after a nice session, you think that it must be really cool to have a surf cruise in the Maldives... But that the organisation must not be easy. Then, by surfing on the net, or by listening to your friends' stories, you quickly realise that the offer exists, and that it exists in mass... to such an extent that you find yourself drowned under a ton of information. That's why 360° Surf, a travel agency specialising in surfing, has some advice for a successful trip!

The Maldives, an archipelago with many virgin spots

The archipelago offers an incredible number of surf spots. Less populated than its Indonesian neighbour, the Maldives offers exceptional wave quality without great difficulty, ideal for the beginner or the experienced surfer who wants to surf "à la cool". However, care must be taken when choosing an atoll and the orientation of the swell, which can quickly affect the quality of the waves.

The best time to surf in the Maldives is between March and October, where you can find the biggest swells between June and July with a good point break and offshore wind. Surfing in the archipelago varies according to the monsoons. During the NE monsoon, the best surfing conditions will be in the southern atolls with the best spots, whereas the SW monsoon gives great waves in the northern and central atolls.

The boat trip, the solution for an unforgettable trip


If you want to discover several atolls and surf new breathtaking waves, then a boat trip is your solution. On Malhé you will find no less than twenty boats! Here again, you will have to be careful and choose according to your expectations, solo, in couple, in group? The life on board and its proximity are to be taken into account in the choice of the boat.

However, at 360° Surf we prefer the small traditional dohni, less bling bling, often less comfortable but much more practical... It doesn't have the same technical constraints as a big boat and can access the closest spots.

An earthly trip...

The team offers you the opportunity to discover three key destinations in the archipelago. The first one is on Meemu on the central atoll. A very accessible surf trip for beginners with a SW to SE swell between April and October. You will be able to boast of having surfed these world class straights.

If you are looking for a less crowded spot with exceptional wave quality, then the Ying Yang spot on Laamu is the place to be. Only for experienced surfers.

Finally, you should differentiate between North and South Malé. Don't go to North Malé for the quietness of the line-up but for the high density of regular lefts and rights. Close to the airport, you can easily get there. After North Malé head for South Malé for big SW swells.

With transparent water at over 28°C, a visit to the seabed is not to be missed during a breathtaking diving session. So, mask and snorkel are the essential accessories to discover one of the most beautiful reefs in the world.

For further information, Matthieu will be happy to direct you to the surf trip that will make you dreamIt will be one of the most beautiful memories of a surfing trip!



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