5 surftrips to offer yourself in March

01 March 2018 | Where and when to go

Ready for a dream surftrip in March? Follow the guide...

Surftrip to the Canaries

No need for a visa or passport, no change of currency... The Canaries are Spain... 3000Km from Paris. And you will be spoilt for choice between its three main islands: Tenerife for surfing with friends and partying until the end of the night, Fuerteventura for beginners wishing a bit of peace and quiet and Lanzarote for surf and nature lovers.

So go ahead and book your next surf camp at Canary Islands. Surf formula from 280 €.

Surftrip in Costa Rica

The country of Pura Vida is without a doubt a surfing destination par excellence. Its Pacific coast is famous for its South and West swells and has made the reputation of this Central American country grow. Between the secret spots and the spots known to all by the movie Endless Summer you will have only the embarrassment of the choice. Whether you are a weekend surfer or a hardcore rider, come and have fun on the Pacific beach breaks. Costa Rica is a must for all travelers who want to learn to surf in the best possible conditions. The landscapes, the population, the climate, the waves... Everything is gathered in Costa Rica to make it the Paradise on Earth!

Go to one of our surf camps in Costa Rica from 355 €.

Surftrip in Indonesia

Well known for its culture and the beauty of its landscapes, Indonesia is also a must for its world class waves from Impossible to Padang Padang through Uluwatu and Keramas. Considered as the tropical surfing paradise, there is something for everyone between March and October. Even if the crowds are very high at this time of the year, the regularity of the swells and the offshore wind make it possible to have a great time at the line-up. Indonesia will also offer you a great distraction after your session: bars, discos, surf shop, ...

Indonesia at your fingertips in one of our many surf camps from Indonesia. Formula from 385 €.

Surftrip in Morocco

Morocco has all the criteria for a great holiday in the sun in one place: quality surf spots as far as the eye can see, a rich culture, breathtaking landscapes and a great gastronomy. So if you don't want to spend your day on the plane, you don't want to spend your paycheck in a week and you want a big break from the winter then our surf camps in Morocco are for you.

So go ahead and book your next surf camp at Morocco. Surf formula from 350 €.

Surftrip in Nicaragua

For a long time considered as an inaccessible place for tourism, mainly due to the guerrilla war that lasted from 1979 to 1990, Nicaragua is now a dream location for your next surf trip in the sun ! With over 330 days of offshore wind, consistent swells all year round, Nicaragua has become over the years a world-class destination for all surf and sun lovers. Due to its vast flatness, the Pacific coast is ideal for receiving offshore winds with long and consistent waves. As far as waves are concerned, everything is gathered for your greatest pleasure: beach breaks, point breaks, reef breaks and big waves for the chargers.

So go ahead and book your next surf camp at Nicaragua. Surf formula from 690 €.

So what do you say? Shall we book a little surf camp?



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